Wednesday, July 13, 2016


A recent discussion in a kick-ass moms group I am in had me thinking a lot about motivations. What works for me, what works for others. 

What I've learned about what keeps me on track for running, what keeps me going while I'm running, and what I need to get out there again:
  1. After not having a routine for running/workouts for a couple of years and having other things in life that I let take precedence (like my son, my work, time with my husband, etc), I NEED a routine that fits into my life. I need spaces in my days that are designated for running times. Having those designated spots for running propels me to fill them with runs.
  2. Once I'm out running, I am highly motivated by the numbers on my watch. When I see my pace slipping, I speed up to achieve my desired number. And when my watch provides me with info on past performances during a run, its very satisfying if I can beat those times/achievements.
  3. This blog had/has a lot of impact on getting me back out there. I love running with my dogs. I love virtually connecting with others and writing about my adventures with my puppies on the trail. Thinking about my next blog post and actually having material to post about (i.e. getting out there and running with my dogs!) is as much of a motivation for me as the numbers on my watch. 
What I am not motivated by:
  1. Prizes or rewards.
  2. The need to be the best or competition.
  3. Weight loss. 
  4. Contracts or accountability apps.
  5. Working out with other people.
These type of motivations are nice when they happen, but I'm not driven by them. 

Can you say loner, much? Yup, that's me, the woman that loves to be alone on her runs (the four legged pals are an exception of course!) and doesn't want to answer to anyone else. That's not saying I ~won't~ run with others, or participate in runs, etc. Those just aren't my driving forces. 

Once I figured out what my motivations are, there is still a big piece of implementing those motivations. If I don't slot the time in for running, the second two motivations don't matter much. But when I do make the time for it, the second two have a bigger impact on motivating me to get back out there. 

So, blog-land runners that run with or without dogs.... what motivates you to get your shoes on?

Friday, July 1, 2016


3 years! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. So many changes, so many things going on! Yes, I’ve been running throughout these past three years. On and off, here and there, some months more than others. With the same two dogs, sometimes with a stroller (although the 35 lb kid plus the 25 lb stroller makes it a bigger workout than it use to!), sometimes with all three (two dogs and our little man in the stroller!), and on rare occasions, even by myself!
Since I last blogged, we have moved back to my hometown. Through a fortuitous chain of events in the summer of 2013, my husband applied for, competed, and won the competition for the next advancement in his career. We were overjoyed and jumped at the opportunity to move here. Back to familiar trails and my old favourite running spots!
Mia and Romeo, a bit older and still at it!
I’ll use this opportunity to reacquaint with my blog, posting updates to get myself up to speed on where I am today. There’s so much that has happened and so many changes! For now, here’s a photo of my puppies on a run last month.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What a Baby Does to your Priorities

Its been quiet around here lately. My husband keeps me updated on the non-updates on my blog, saying he's going to drop it from his list of reading since there's no activity. Haha. Funny. Time for an update, I guess.

I've been running. Not a lot, but some. A baby takes A LOT of time. And then there's the guilt factor. I had all these lofty ideas of being as fit as I was before pregnancy within 6 months of having our little Peanut (A.K.A. Linus), but it just hasn't happened. Being a mom is far more important than it was before he came around. So here I am with him being almost 5 months now and I'm running 2-3 times a week at most, not hitting the gym at all, and being sorta OK with it. The reality is I'm not as happy with my body as I'd like to be, but I'm not sacrificing time spent with our Peanut, for the sake of getting my last few pounds off from the pregnancy. Before our little man came along, I was determined that I would wear this particular dress that I wore to a wedding last year to one we attended this year. Well I did wear it, although it didn't look as sleek as it did last year. It will come though, its just going to take longer than I wanted to get there. There will be lots of time later to spend at the gym (when my poor wrists heal from picking up our increasingly chunky little man!). I'm running enough to stay healthy, eating well, and enjoying our time as a family, especially while J. is still on paternal leave.

One thing I'm super stoked about is running with the little man in his stroller. Our Peanut's generous grandmother provided him with the Cadillac of running strollers: the B.O.B. Revolution SE. Sounds like a car model doesn't it? It's awesome. I'm only walking with him for now and it feels like I'm under utilizing all the bells and whistles on this thing. Shocks, big beefy tires, lots of leg room for my legs when running. Oh and he's comfy too. Our little man's about a month away from being strong enough to go out with me on runs. I'll have to re-vamp running with the dogs, possibly leaving them behind a few times and then maybe only one at a time. I have terrifying visions of having both dogs tangled around me while I'm running with the stroller!

Today's run was 5-6 km, stopping at the lake for the dogs to have a drink/swim. We ran into a couple of guys waiting for their boating buddy to show up. Romeo surprised me by actually playing fetch with the younger guy. That's not his M.O., he's usually an aloof guy, avoiding strangers for the most part. Not today. He was totally engaged with his game of fetch with a big ole stick in the lake. Good for him, getting over his 'stranger danger' attitude for a bit!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby Party, CrossFit Style!

This Saturday our local gym, CrossFit Core KTown threw us a baby party in honour of our Peanut's arrival and my getting back into workout mode!

Guest of Honour  who slept though the whole thing! (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Coach Dave and Coach Raquel came up with this WOD for my post baby workout debut:


AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
5 Burpees
5 Pull-ups
10 Box jumps
10 Push ups
15 Squats
15 Sit-ups

It was so great to have so many people there doing the workout with me. It's strange which parts of the WOD were harder than I though they would be. I tried one real box jump, nearly fell onto my face so I did the rest of them as step-ups. My mind may think I'm back to normal, but it was obvious my body is still having post-prego balance issues. The burpees were easier than I thought they would be and the sit-ups were crazy hard! I guess that's to be expected, given my abs were stretched out for months. :)

Thankfully no one took any photos of me in the middle of the WOD, but here's one of Jervis and I after the workout:
Me with bad a post WOD hairdo and Jervis being funny. Notice the appropriate
photo-bombing of the balloons in the background. Haha! (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Then we all pigged out on some tasty mostly paleo potluck food! I brought my favourite Mango Chicken Salad. Yum. Someone (I think it was the girl with the colourful Under Armor socks, Shannon) brought an awesome curry that was gone within minutes. I need that recipe! There were so many great dishes!

The Paleo-ish spread (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Me with my mouth full and Coach Raquel getting
baby snuggles. (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Coach Dave finally getting to eat!
(photo taken  by Janet Findlay)

It was so awesome to have the support of yet another CrossFit family with my plunge back into CrossFit training. I'm so excited to get back at it!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Long Overdue Blog Update

Well Hi there! Long time no see! What have you been up to?

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had much of a chance to get to updating my blog. And so much has changed!

First of all there's this:
Our little peanut! 3 weeks old.
That's big enough news for a blog post, don't you think? He was born on March 28th. I'll spare you the details, but lets say I thankful for those many workouts I had to force myself to push through the final few reps or minutes just to get it over with. How women forget about the whole birthing thing and have multiple children I do not know. I have a new respect for those that have more than one. We are thrilled with our little guy and the plan is to stick with one little peanut and two four legged fur-kids. That's enough for us!

Speaking of the fur-kids, we had some interesting reactions from them when we brought the little man home. Mia behaved as we expected: curious, sniffing, wagging, poking, and happy to have a new pack member. Romeo on the other hand, did something we totally didn't expect after the initial curiosity and checking the Peanut out. As soon as there was a little squeak or any other baby noise he ran and hid in our closet! Seriously! 100 lbs of scared-y cat GSD. It took him almost 24 hours before he was able to stay in the same room when the baby made a peep. Now he loves the Peanut as much as we do, checking on him all the time, laying next to his swing or wherever we are with him.

The protector (until something scary comes along...)
So from now on, this blog will be peppered with Peanut posts as well as the usual fitness and dog related things. My current plan is to run with Mia, and walk with Romeo and the baby until he's old enough I can run with the stroller. I'll update more in another post, but Romeo has had a set back with his neck/shoulder and won't be able to run with me for the foreseeable future. :( I'm very sad about that, he's such an awesome running partner and it is something he absolutely loves to do. I'm hopeful we will be able to run together again, but for now, he is a walker only.

I have so many blog posts in my mind, lots will be changing in the next few weeks as I get back into a regular workout and running routine. It is so great to see you again, we must do this again soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Revitalize and Reset

Did everyone have a good holiday? I know we did! Ours started December 2nd and continued until this past week. At least it sure feels that way!

Ours included:

  • A trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with my dad and step-mom
  • Visiting briefly with family on the way there and back
  • A brief week back to work for me (hubby had almost the whole month off, lucky him!)
  • Christmas week
  • New Years week
  • And lots and lots of food. 
I'm not kidding about the food. If you've ever been to an all inclusive resort, you know what I mean. Two huge hot buffet credenzas, two huge cold buffet tables, a beverage station with amazing fruit juices, and last but certainly not least the dessert bar, complete with homemade ice cream. At each meal.  Sometimes they'd throw in a couple of extra buffet tables for the day's food theme. Then we got home, had take-out chinese food (which lasts all week for meals with us), Christmas dinner and goodies, more take-out from Boston Pizza, and some other things we don't normally eat, but enjoy from time to time. It was our month to kick back and enjoy family, the holidays, food, time off work, and our last child-free holiday. I'm certainly not complaining, it was great while it lasted!

But I'm ready for reality. Ready to clean the starches, sugars, and other body, energy, and mood clogging foods from my regular diet. To do this, I'm embarking on a Whole30 for January! As Jervis said about a family member who declared her fitness intentions on Facebook this morning, publicly declaration of your goals makes you more accountable. This is very true for me. I have been planning in my head and looking forward to this food reset since even before going on our vacation. It is also a significant preparation for me to get ready for the arrival of our son in March. I want my previous healthy eating habits re-established so we can continue to maintain good eating well into the future as a family.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a knot about 'dieting' while I'm pregnant, that's NOT what I'm doing! I was a healthy weight pre-pregnancy and I've gained a healthy, normal amount so far during the last 29 weeks of baby building. There will be no significant change in calories consumed, just where the calories come from. Read the FAQ section of the Whole30 Program and you'll see its a great idea to eat healthy, wholesome foods while pregnant. Duh. It seems an obvious choice to me. Besides, this isn't new to me, prior to the last month of indulgence, I avoided sugar for the most part, and prior to the morning sickness, I didn't eat grains. I'm resetting my eating habits back to their previous state. And it turns out Melissa Hartwig, creator of the Whole9 blog and Whole30 Program is also pregnant, due in April!

So off to the grocery store this morning to finish up getting the foods for this week!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and a Challenge for Tomorrow!

Happy New Year to everyone!

It's a long time between posts, but I came across this challenge today on Facebook and its very appropriate and had to mention it here!

My favourite Canicross supplier, Canadog, posted this link to her Facebook page this morning. It's unfortunate there's only one day to spread the word, but I'm doing my duty as a dog sport lover to promote!

Dogs Across America Challenge!

Self explanatory when you visit their page, but the idea is to accumulate as many dog powered miles as possible on New Years Day 2013. They are tracking the miles on Endomondo, just head on over to their team page and log any miles you accumulate! I also created a Run with Dogs Blog Team for this blog, so jump in add your miles to my team!

If you send me a photo of you and your dog(s) out there doing your dog powered sport from tomorrow's challenge, I'll include it in a post later this week. So get out there and hike, walk, skijor, Canicross, sled, etc. with you dog tomorrow!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

21 Weeks!

21 Weeks!
We are now over half way, yay!

Picture of me for the parents, taken by my husband yesterday morning. Same pre-prego jeans, top button undone with a hair elastic looped from button hole to button. Cheater, I know. ;) The last thing I want to do is buy a whole bunch of clothes I'm only going to wear for 4-6 months. I picked up a belly band from a maternity store when visiting my family in September, it has been great to let me wear my regular clothes a bit longer. It's basically a tube top that goes over the top of my pants and up over my belly. The top is also pre-pregnancy, but one of my longer, looser ones.

We had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, and its a boy! He has all the right parts and is growing properly for his stage of development. We thought we had a name for him that we picked out shortly after I found out I was pregnant, then this weekend we put the kibosh to it and chose another one. Jervis and I were just kind of throwing around thoughts that there might be a name out there we liked more. So out comes the iPad and the baby name book. Tada! New name jumps out at us after a few page flips, like it was fate or something. I really like the current name, much more than the first one. 

Last week I was in for my monthly check up with Wendy, my midwife. I feel like its more of a whine session than checking to see how baby is doing. "How are you feeling?", she says. Me: "Well, to be honest, I'm tired of feeling sick, haha." It's true, no matter the end product of the pregnancy, there is still the nine months in between of someone renting space in your body, changing hormones, food preferences, and all manner of physical changes. Yes, this is the way it is and always has been for any female bearing offspring. I should be prepared to endure what comes. And I am, for the most part. Anyway, my biggest concern is that after 20 weeks, I'm still nauseous. It's not as bad as it was for the first 14-15 weeks of 24 hour-a-day, but every morning after breakfast and in the afternoons if I don't keep eating, I feel sick and will even vomit 1-2 times a week. Yuck. "Well," the midwife says, "we can give you something for that." What?!? How come I didn't mention it before?!? Silly me. Out comes the prescription pad. Diclectin it is, with an initial dosage of two at bedtime, then one in the morning. 

What she didn't mention is there's a trade off. I fairly big one. At the prescribed dosage, I'm a walking zombie. The next morning after taking the first two bedtime pills I felt like I'd been drugged. No problem, I thought. It will wear off, like Gravol or Dramamine, etc. Nope. It got worse as the day went on. By lunch, I had to cancel the rest of my clients for the day and hit the hay. The whole day is still a haze. So I did some research (yay for Google!), then self adjusted the meds to one pill at bedtime and kept the one in the morning. Much better. I'm still a bit drowsy, but its getting better day by day. And the nausea is mostly gone, just a lingering hint after breakfast for an hour or two then I seem to be home free for the rest of the day. 

Of course there's always good things going on too. The best part of this pregnancy so far has been feeling the little guy moving around in there. For about 3 weeks now, I've had these feelings that started out like a muscle twitching - you know the kind you get the day after a hard workout, an isolated spot in you bicep or quad twitching at regular intervals. Now it's that and more, sometimes it feels like what a quick drop on a roller coaster does to your tummy. Very cool stuff! I'm looking forward to when Jervis and I can feel movement from the outside of my belly. Maybe then he'll believe me when I tell him his kid is moving around! For now, he has to take my word for it. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Secret

Whatever you want to call it, I'm admitting to it.

The time is now ripe to come clean. There are people that know already, the information has trickled out over the past few weeks. To some of my readers it will not come as a surprise.

So have I teased you enough? Are you sure you want to know my big secret?

We are having a baby! And no, it isn't the dogs, we are responsible pet owners, both Mia and Romeo have been spayed/neutered. Next March, there will be a brand new human Baby B born into our home!

I've waited to reveal this information until we are well into the second trimester. The first 14 weeks were challenging for me (all-day morning sickness, heartburn, tired all the time, and other joyous pregnancy symptoms I've come to learn about) and for my husband (putting up with the complaints about all those issues as well as moodiness and some anxious moments - and I'm only admitting this once :) ). I made it to the gym once or twice and ran 3-4 times during the third month. I am now into my 17th week (I think.... give or take a few days) and feeling much better. All our midwife appointments have gone very well and we have a baby with a very strong heartbeat! In another 10 days we go in for a detailed mid-pregnancy ultrasound. And yes, if we can find out what we are having, we will!

One thing I've learned is no matter how much you think you are ready for pregnancy, you really aren't. At least I 'thought' I was prepared to experience all the 1st trimester symptoms... What's a little bit of nausea when you've willingly put yourself through grueling CrossFit competitions, on the verge of throwing up because you're pushing yourself to the limit? I've had exercise induced heartburn from throwing myself on the ground so hard and fast doing burpees during the CrossFit Open that I've had acid burn in my throat for hours afterwards, only to return the next day and repeat the WOD to get a faster time! It's crazy what the human body can do to itself.

So more on the pregnancy in the coming weeks! I've been very sporadic in running lately, and I'm afraid running with the dogs has slowed down immensely, much to Romeo's dismay. I've resorted to running with him wearing a Halti head-collar because runs too fast for my pregnant body to keep up! Mia is more-prego speed or at least she can't tow me along that easily. They are taking turns, one day Romeo goes then the next time its Mia's turn.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Late Summer Run

One of the last summer runs for the year in Northern Ontario! My favourite running season is fall, cool enough in the later afternoon I can run with the dogs everyday. The temperature had still been in the mid to late 20s until the evenings until earlier this week, so running with them had to take place in the morning or late evenings.

These pictures were from a run a couple weekends ago. It was a great run, we discovered a new short trail that loops through a bush area close to our house. I saw a big quad followed by a baby quad go into the bush as we were heading up the hill, so I followed them. We ran into them on their way out and the poor man on the big quad saw Romeo through the trees first and thought he was a wolf!

Dodging trees on a new trail.
More trail obstacles!
Single file up the hill.
You coming in too mom?

It was almost too warm for the dogs, we stopped twice at two different spots on the lake for a dip. Well, the dogs dipped, not me.

Now that its cooler, I can run after work and take them with me. :)

One of these days I'll run with someone else who can take pictures so you get more than just my dogs' butts to look at!