Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chiropractor Visit

Can you believe a dog that can sleep like this needs a chiropractor?
Not just any chiropractor, but one that works on animals. It turns out puppies need them too! Who knew?

The story behind all this:
About 2 months ago, we had Romeo tied out in our front yard while we were working in the garage. All was well until the two Border Collies girls from across the street came running over to say Hi. Can you guess what Romeo did? Yup, in his enthusiasm to greet them, he forgot the length he was tied and ran right to the end of his rope, jerking his neck pretty hard. Aren't we terrible dog parents? Ugh. I felt awful seeing him do that, but at the time, he sloughed it off and continued to greet the girls from across the street. Late that afternoon was a different story. He got up from laying down and yelped, then whined and cried occasionally all afternoon and evening when he tired to lay down or turn right. Luckily I had some puppy pain medication left over from a previous injury that relieved some of the pain. Of course, this happens on a Friday and the vet offices here are closed all weekend. So we medicated him until we could get him in on Monday morning.

The vet gave us more of the same medication we were giving him with the instructions to come back if he wasn't better within a week. By Friday, he was his usual self, playing with Mia, running with me, and happy with life. But every couple of weeks, the two of them would be playing in the yard and he would yelp, run back inside to us with a re-occurrence of the same thing. Did I mention Romeo is a big baby? We would give him the medication again and all would be fine the next morning. We started calling him Lefty Louis because it was the only direction he could turn. It made going around corners interesting: he'd walk all the way down the hall, turn left into the spare room, double back and go left into our bedroom so he didn't have to turn right. Kinda funny, but not so great for poor Romeo. :(

During all this time, I asked the chiropractor that I work with if he had ever done adjustments on dogs. He wouldn't attempt it, but he told me of a chiropractor in Winnipeg that works on animals. So after the 2nd time Romeo had a re-occurrence, I called Dr. Glenn Bailey. He was quite happy to see us, so yesterday we made the 2.5 hour trek into the city for a doggie chiropractic appointment. Yes, I'm crazy when it comes to caring for my dogs!

We learned LOTS about a dog's spine and what it should and shouldn't look like. It turns out Romeo has been out of alignment for quite some time and we didn't know it. He is hard on himself running after balls, playing hard with Mia and other dogs, running with me, etc. Dr. Glenn noted he was humped in his mid back and sort of stood with his back feet under his hips. I honestly didn't look that closely before. Here is a video of him before, this was taken even before the rope incident and he was tucked under then too.

Isn't he funny? He loves those little tennis balls! Anyway, if you look close, you can see his back humped and how he stands with his legs under instead of behind his hips.

Dr. Glenn greeted Romeo with so much enthusiasm, Romeo kinda looked at him like 'who is this guy?' at first, but he settled in and was a cooperative patient. Dr. Glenn has this spring loaded adjustment tool that he used all along Romeo's spine. He felt around his neck the where trouble was and said he could feel right away that his C6 was out of alignment. He started the adjustments at his pelvis, worked his way to his skull and even did a couple of points in his jaw too. Then he did a few light manual thrusts on his mid spine where he was humped, did a few more thrusts to his pelvis with his arm around Romeo's 'waist'. I actually heard a couple of quiet cracks when he was adjusting his mid back. The last thing he did was more work to his neck area on the problem spot.

The verdict? Well he's not as humped in the mid back as he was and his back legs aren't nearly as far underneath him today. Here's a photo I took to compare to the video:

Look at that straight top-line!

Only time will tell if the neck pain comes back again. If we go 3-4 weeks without any pain, I think we can say our visit was a complete success! We have another follow-up visit with Dr. Glenn in a couple of weeks to make sure things are kosher.

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  1. WOW That is sooo crazy! I would never ever imagine that a chiropractor could help out a dog too. Romeo is so beautiful and that first picture is killing me! So funny how they get in those crazy positions!
    I love that you joined in this month and hope to see more of you and Romeo next month too! :)

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed the pet party!

  2. Wow, awesome that the chiropractor could help your guy. He's beautiful. He looks so much more comfortable in the last picture. I hope he stays that way.

    Great to meet you through the blog hop. This has been fun.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy to meet you too!

  3. What a great looking dog, no wonder you called him Romeo! That is really interesting about the chiropractor, glad he's all better now. :)

    1. He's definitely a lovey guy! Thanks for checking us out!

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