Saturday, June 16, 2012

Doggie DNA

Have you been over to my dogs' page yet? If not, go there and check out the pictures of our little black dog, Mia. Her story is there too.

As I mention on their page, It's a Dog's Life sells Doggie DNA kits from DNA My Dog. If you buy the kit from It's a Dog's Life, they get the kit fee and the lab-testing fee is reduced. That's what we did. It was super easy to use, just two big Q-tips for cheek swabs and an envelope to send them to a lab in Toronto. Two weeks later and we have the results!

Let's have a little fun with it first before revealing the results. All I'm going to say is the results knocked our socks off! 

I'll give you a few of her traits:
  • all black except her back toes have a little white
  • about 42lbs
  • short hair, soft with a coarser strip down her back
  • dainty features, skinny legs and lean body
  • ears are kind of at half mast, the ends flap over
Any guesses as to her breeds? 
I'll give you one hint: zero Border Collie. 
Anyone else get their dog tested? I'd love to hear the results! 

I'll post Mia's results early next week.

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