Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Dad's Day!

Today's run was an 8km single track trail run. Lots of fun, my favourite runs to do are any single track. It was just Romeo and I out there once we got about 1/2 a km from the trail head. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, but not humid. The trail we ran follows the outside edge of an island for the most part, so Romeo had lots of opportunity for a drink and splash around.

I gave both Romeo and myself a quick once over when we got home checking for ticks. They are really bad around here this year. My clients tell me horror stories of having to pick off a couple dozen after a walk in the bush. Ick. I really hate ticks. Almost enough to keep me from running the trails. I didn't find any when I first checked, but after dinner, Romeo was looking directly at me siting next to the table and I could see a black spot in his ear. A closer look in better lighting revealed a tick! Then Jervis found another one in the same ear! Ewww! So I tried out the dish liquid remedy for easy tick removal. I'm happy to say its very effective. Both came out easily slathered in Dawn.

My dad and I on my wedding day.
I spent most of my run thinking about my dad... It is Father's Day after all! He was (and still is!) an always there kind of dad. Hauling me and my horses around to horse shows as a pre-teen and teen, making sure I had all the stuff horses need, like piles of wood shavings and hay. Dropping me off and picking me up at the barn. Watching me ride. I can't recall him missing an event I competed in, even later in life as an adult when competing at CrossFit Competitions.

The most important 'life lesson' I learned from my dad was how to love and be loved. He and my step-mother have the best relationship. Actually, my dad's parents also had the same. They truly love each other and are best friends. I'm happy to say I have this with my husband too. It must be a family thing. :)

Do you have a life lesson you learned from your father?
What's your favourite type of run?

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