Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Motivation and Some Awesome News!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been making a big effort to get my run in first thing in the morning. I've been about 50% successful. I haven't skipped a run, just delayed it until later in the day, usually after work. In the winter, after work runs are par for the course since its dark until after 8am here, but in the summer I should be taking advantage of the earlier sunrise!

In the evening I can think of so many reasons why I should run the next morning. It's cooler in the morning, I can take the dog(s), it gets my run done for the day, no squeezing it in between work and making dinner, it leaves me more time to relax in the evening, possibly get a chore or two done, and spend some quality and quantity with Jervis. All good things.

Enter the next morning. The dogs get me up earlier than I planned. I didn't sleep as well as I like. I don't want to disturb my husband. I can run after work, right?

You know what's wrong with those excuses? Nothing changes. After work the dogs still got me up earlier than I planned and my sleep that night is still what it was. So why do I rationalize myself out of running first thing in the morning? It's not like I sleep any longer, once I'm up, I'm up for the day.

So today after having just one of these mornings where Romeo got me up at 4:45am for a pee (Oh and while your up, you might as well feed us too, he says....) and the back of my skull feels like someones playing a doumbek on it from the inside, I crawled back in bed with the intentions of trying to fall back asleep even though I had told myself last night I'd run this morning before work. After laying there for a few minutes, I set the alarm on my iPad for 5:45am and vowed to get my butt out there. It worked! I didn't fall back to sleep, but I got a few more minutes of rest and got up just before the alarm went off.

You know what? It was a great run. Romeo was perfectly paced this morning and we actually took almost 5 minutes off my 4 mile run from last week. That one I did after work. Alone. In the heat of the day. Huh. That should be motivation alone to get out there in the mornings!

Now for some awesome news.... last fall I ran a 14km trail run in Manitoba. While we were lining up for the start, I spied a Golden Retriever and a German Wire-Haired Pointer in the mass of people waiting for the timer to go off. I didn't see them on the trail though, so I wasn't sure if they allowed dogs during the run, or if it was on-lookers that were just close to the crowd of runners. They were probably ahead of me and I didn't see them! So I emailed the race director this morning to see what he had to say. His reply says they are a very welcome, but have to be leashed at the start and finish! No problem there, we are leashed all the way through! Yahoo! Thank you to Dwayne from Trail Run Manitoba for being dog friendly! So I've signed us up for all three races this year, one in July, one in August, and one in October. As long as the weather cooperates (i.e. not too hot for Romeo) I'll be bringing him along!

How do you self talk out of excuses? 
Do you know of any other dog friendly races? 
Anyone else doing the Trail Run Manitoba races this year?


  1. Ha ha ha...I do used to do that a LOT when I ran in the morning. In fact I still do it with my swimming. My alarm will go off and I'll lie there and go figure out another way to get the workout in so I can get some more sleep. Most of the time it doesn't work and I get up anyway.
    That's great that you can run with Romeo!! Very cool!

    1. Hi Phaedra! Glad to hear I'm not the only one... I hope it gets easier! :)


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