Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not as easy as it looks....

I've been mulling over the idea of my own blog for a few months. I read a handful of  blogs written by friends, other runners, paleo/primal eaters, CrossFitters, dog people, etcetera on a regular basis. I admit to a case of 'blog envy'. Except I didn't have a blog. Yet.

I'm a big researcher of stuff. So before starting this blog, I did some Google-ing of all things blog. I've discovered there's more that meets the eye to developing a blog that will be read by the masses. Who knew you needed a privacy policy before Google would include you in their search index? (Slumping of shoulders ensues...) I certainly didn't before today. And all those cool Widgets and things I want on my page aren't just a matter of cut and paste. (Further slumping...)

I was almost abandoning my blog thoughts in despair until further Google-ing revealed a great site that generates a privacy policy for you. Yay! One hurdle down!

I'm still trying to figure those Widget things out. Something to look forward to for future blogging!

My reasons for blogging:
  • Create awareness and hopefully a larger community for Canicross in Canada.
  • A place to document my journey to running my first 50km trail race.
  • Share my thoughts and musings with other runners and friends.
  • Hopefully inspire others as I have been inspired by the blogs of other runners. (I hope that doesn't sound pompous!)
I'm also hoping some of my family's journalism history has rubbed off on me!

So to kick it off the official 'documenting' of my running today.... it was a rest day. Hence the extra time to research and start my blog. I had a lovely, painful-but-productive therapeutic massage by my colleague Debbie before sitting down at the computer with an ice pack on my IT Band. There's no injury there, but she did a lot of digging at my request and I want to run tomorrow morning.

~ Jo

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