Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Heinz Dog

On Saturday, I blogged about our little Mia and her DNA test. I just know you are all dying to know the results, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer!

Mia is made up of:
Level 3: English Setter
Level 3: Golden Retriever
Level 4: Afghan Hound
Level 4: Beagle
Level 5: German Shepherd Dog
Level 5: Saint Bernard

What does all that mean? For each breed listed, the levels represent a percentage of that breed present in the dog's DNA:
Level 1 is over 75% Equivalent to parent's breed
Level 2 is 37-74% Equivalent to grandparent's breed
Level 3 is 20-36% Equivalent to great grandparent's breed
Level 4 is 10-19% Equivalent to great, great grandparent's breed
Level 5 is less than 10% Small percentage of a breed

All these breeds:
Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Make up a very cute little black dog! She is what is called a Kenora Purebred around here.

We were so surprised by these results. I was so sure she had a significant amount of Border Collie somewhere in her genes. After some consideration, We see her daintiness explained by the Afghan Hound, her coat texture from the Golden Retriever, and her tendency to 'follow her nose' from the Beagle. The rest is a mystery. She's smart, sassy, and very cute. We love her no matter what she's made of!

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