Friday, June 15, 2012

Rocket Running

This morning I ran with the dogs for the first time this week. The weather here hasn't been very cooperative for running with them during the day.... just too hot.

Normally I'm up with enough time for them to finish their usual morning routine. Romeo has a built in alarm clock that knows when it's 5am. I'm not sure what it is: the sun, the birds outside, his empty stomach.... whatever it is, without fail, I hear his tags shaking within a few minutes either side of 5am every morning. He wanders around a bit then comes over and pokes me politely with his nose. If I pretend to be asleep, he becomes more and more insistent poking harder, but always with a smiling doggie face and a wagging tail. I love that about dogs. It doesn't matter how impatient they are getting with you, they always have a happy response for you, even at 5am.

Anyway, he got me up on time, but I sat down at the computer to learn more about this blogging thing and before I knew it 45 minutes had passed. Ahhh!!! So I admit to rushing us out the door for a quick run, which is a mistake with Romeo. If he doesn't have his time out in the yard to do his 'business', I pay for it on the run. He's a private guy and doesn't like to poop in public. I knew I was in trouble when he starting dancing in circles and barking at me to get us moving before we were out of our neighbourhood. So our run that was supposed to be a 2 mile easy 'rest/recovery' run turned into two 1 mile time trials. He's like a rocket, trotting out at the end of the line like he's on a mission, pulling like a train. I stopped after a mile and took Mia off the line to see if he'd find a good spot along the trail, but he kept looking back at us like we were spying on him. So off we went again with the same vengeance. Once we were home I let him loose in the yard. He ran back to his pooping corner and let loose. Poor guy...

The good news is he's very good at maintaining his time splits!

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