Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

This weekend we are heading to Minneapolis for what is becoming our annual shopping trip. Can you guess what's the top item on my list? I can give you a hint, it was the same as last year. If you guess running shoes, you'd be right!

When we decided to make a weekend trip on this last Labour Day, one of the first things I did was find a running shoe store where I could try on and hopefully purchase some new running shoes. I hit the jackpot on my shoe search. At least from the perspective of a minimalist, low help-toe drop shoe fan. TC Running Company is a trail runner's dream. They had a whole section dedicated to trail running shoes, with lots of choices for minimalists as well.

I'm still mulling over what my choices this year will be. This is what has been in my closet in the last few years:
Nike Free
New Balance 442 (3 pairs... I really liked these for CrossFit)
Inov 8 F Lite 230 (blue pair and black pair, again mostly for CrossFit)
Reebok Realflex
Inov 8 Rocklite 268 (women's version of the 295s)
Montrail Rogue Racers
Merrell Pace Glove

Increasing mileage on my runs is making my feet feel the need for more cushioning. I have an old Morton's Neuroma in my right foot that flares once in a while if I run too far without adequate cushioning. Since I've switched to a mid-foot strike 3 years ago, the strengthening of the muscles in my feet have made a tremendous difference in the problems I was having with the neuroma. Most of my longer runs have been in the Rogue Racers. They are comfy, but worn out. I've narrowed my choices to a couple of shoes but the real test will be running in them. TC Running allows you to go out in their parking lot and take the shoes for a test run. I love this option! It's so hard to get a good feel for the shoe in the store bouncing up and down and walking around on carpet.

Do you have a favourite running store?
Have you had foot problems correct themselves with changing your running stride?


  1. Yup! Running Free in Markham. Hands down the BEST selection of shoes & gear anywhere in the GTA. They now have an online store too.

  2. Good to know! We will be in T.O. next month. If we have time, I'll have to check it out!


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