Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slowing things down

Last year my husband gave me a Garmin Forerunner 610 as a gift when we got married. I love it. It tracks more info than I know how use and has all these handy features that I haven't tried yet.

So far I've used the distance, time, speed, and some of the heart rate data. I upload it to my TrainingPeaks account and look at all the pretty graphs. Well, I do use it to compare my runs to each other for time and that's about it right now. I haven't gone as far as picking a race to do beyond the three smaller trail runs in Manitoba this summer/fall, so right now, my goals are pretty vague, more or less just increasing my volume and thus the distance I'm running.

My problem with tracking my runs is the temptation to go out faster on each run than I've done that particular distance before. Sounds good if I was trying to get faster, but not when I'm trying to run farther.

Roadrunner Running Fast

I'm going to put the blame for this tendency to go all out on my CrossFit background. Faster, Harder, Stronger! That was my mantra. Another good one was Go Hard or Go Home. I loved to lift, sprint, and do anything for time. I would still be doing it if I wasn't side lined by a herniated disc in my neck. Now my challenge is to re-vamp my body's desire to go fast, into going long. I am being totally honest here when I say it's not easy. Nor is it going as well as I hoped. I've become an expert at a fast 5km run, I can run 10km in a reasonable time, but any further than that and things start to fall apart.

So my question is how to resist that temptation to race my previous times and stick with the goal of more distance without a particular big race planned?

So my thoughts are until I have something more definite in the plans, I'm going to go out with the Garmin tuned to the heart rate screen only. I'll do my best to keep it at my target heart rate for the distance I have planned. This is really going against the type of training I've been doing for the past few years, but it seems the only way I can figure to get the distance longer.

Have you had to completely change your way of working out or running?
How did it work for you?


  1. That's a smart way to go about it! Stick with your target heart rate especially when you're trying to build endurance.
    I have a Garmin 410 and I cannot figure out how to upload all my info to Training Peaks (which I LOVE btw). Maybe b/c I'm on a mac. Or perhaps because I'm technologically inept, ha ha.
    Love the blog re-design btw!

  2. I had to install the TrainingPeaks Device Agent. Then each time I want it to upload, I have to open that program and manually upload the workouts for each day. As long as its already uploaded to Garmin Connect, it will upload to TP.
    My plan is to load up on mileage this summer while the weather is nice, then head back into the gym for the winter and do CrossFit Endurance again.
    Thanks for the comment on the blog re-design! I keep fiddling with it to find what I like best. :)


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