Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Holiday Weekend

This past weekend had my husband and I travelling to Minneapolis, MN for some much needed R&R, shopping, and last but certainly not least a CrossFit Movement and Mobility course. Taught by none other than Kelly Starrett himself. Cue the heavenly 'Ahhh' music. This guy is the best when it comes to fixing issues that you didn't even know were there with just about any sport. He doesn't 'train' athletes in all sports, very far from it. He takes an athlete's performance in their sport, brings it into the gym and breaks down their movement patterns to find the restrictions that are preventing maximal performance. In a very cool and fun way.

The course taught us how to break down movements in the gym to find the dysfunction, then use the tools he provided us with to mobilize myofascial and joint restrictions to free the body to move the way it is intended. He guided us through proper set up and finishing position that keeps proper form throughout any movement. 

Ok that's enough of the technicalities of the course. I don't want to bore you all. Suffice to say it was the BEST seminar I've ever been to. It turned on not just a light bulb for me, were talkin' an industrial strength, halogen, light-up-the-entire-gym bulb. Some of you may have read my About Me page. Its ok if you haven't. I forgive you. I'll just tell you about my job now. I'm a Registered Massage Therapist here in Ontario. I've been doing this job since 2003. 6 years of it in a CrossFit gym setting. Now I'm living in a town where there is no CrossFit gym, so I'm back to working out of a non-athletic setting. And it's not the same. Yes, I still love my job, I like helping people, talking to my clients about their problems, giving them direction, hoping they will follow through with my recommendations for the health of their bodies. But I'm sorely missing working out of gym. Taking the Movement and Mobility course has given me lots of ideas for new directions for my practice.  I'm a bit limited since I work in a chiropractic office, but I'm hopeful I can find a way to apply some of this new insight to my practice here in this small, CrossFit-less town.

CrossFit SISU, the venue for the Movement and Mobility course. Look how clean those mats are!

The man himself, Kelly Starrett doing some shoulder mobility on this poor woman that has had  less than 10 degrees of rotation for 3 or 4 months. It wasn't pretty, but she had another 20 degrees when he finished with her. That's amazing for the 2 minutes he spent working on her!
We had a really special lunch as well. One of the co-owners of CrossFit SISU has this brother, Nick, A.K.A. Paleo Nick, that cooked us up this incredible meal of Chili Lime Chicken with Cilantro Coleslaw, grilled pineapple, and grilled sweet onions. All for a monetary donation of our choice. I applaud Nick for standing out in the 100 degree heat cooking for all of us next to his smoker. The food was ridiculously tasty. Definitely something I'm trying at home. He was also generous enough to provide copies of his recipes!

Paleo Nick serving up our lunch.

A closer look at the chicken on the grill.
My lunch plate. Yes, I ate it all!
One other thing, Kelly spilled the beans that there is a Level 2 course in the hopper for treating the injured athlete, hopefully starting in January 2013. Can you guess what I'll be attending next year? 

Over all, it was a fantastic weekend. My friend Carolle  from Sault Ste. Marie attended the seminar with me. We spent the breaks and intermissions gabbing about all the things going on in my hometown. Later in the evening we had dinner with our husbands at a great little restaurant called Brasa that my husband and I discovered last time we were in Minneapolis. 

What did you have going on for the long weekend? 
Have you ever taken a course that had a huge impact?


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