Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Dog Day

The Importance of Doggie Friendships

And I'm not talking about the friendship your have with your dog, I mean the friendships your dog has with other dogs.

Before Mia came along, Romeo was an only dog. I have to admit, we are a fairly solitary family, we don't have a big social network of people we hang around, we mostly stick to ourselves. Thus Romeo didn't spend a lot of time with other dogs either. We would occasionally meet someone on the trail or at the golf course with another dog, but that was 'play in passing'. The humans would make small chat while the dogs sniffed butts and played with each other briefly, then we'd go our separate ways.

Pix at the office
Then we met Penny and her Irish Wolfhounds.

Penny works with Jervis, so we kinda knew her a bit before. She had just one Wolfhound to begin with, a female named Pix. Pix is a year older than Romeo, so she tolerates him, but isn't much interested in playing. Then Penny got a puppy last spring. A boy she called Mungo (pronnounced Mongo - its Irish for something I think). Mungo is now huge, he towers over all other dogs around here. He's over a year old and is the biggest, laziest, goofball of a dog I've ever met. If Penny stands in one spot for longer than 30 seconds, Mungo lays down. When he's at work with her, he's laying down, sprawled out into the hallway between offices because he doesn't fit in Penny's cubicle. Side note here, I think it's awesome that people are allowed to bring their dogs in on occasion at Jervis' office!

Clockwise from top: Jake the GSD, Romeo, & Mungo,
all with tongues hanging out from a good run on the trails.

Mungo is Romeo's BFF. They clicked from the first walk went on together when Mungo was only a few months old. Mia is like the little sister when they are all together, she tries to play with them, but the boys are too busy rough-housing together to notice. She doesn't seem to care though, just like a little sister, she doesn't give up. If we mention Mungo's name in our house, Romeo will instantly stop whatever he's doing, drop whatever is in his mouth, and stare at us intently. If we repeat Mungo's name, he goes into a howling and whining frenzy. Its crazy that he loves another dog this much!
Did you REALLY just say Mungo?
This article, Does Your Dog Need a BFF? describes just what bond Romeo and Mungo have together. I think they are lucky to have found each other. Penny also dog-sits for us when we are out of town. When we drop them off, Romeo doesn't even look back to see if we are leaving, he's already so involved with his buddy. We feel very secure knowing they are safe and having fun when we have to leave them behind.

Does your dog have a BFF?

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  1. Aw, such good looking dogs! My Sheltie's BFF is her "sister" Chloe, who is my boyfriend's dog and they live about 12 hours away from us, unfortunately. But, we should be all moving in together at the beginning of next year, so we'll have some happy pups, I think.


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