Monday, August 20, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

Finally, finally, finally....

My first run in four weeks! It was all I hoped it would be, not too fast for my still somewhat wobbly legs, yet with enough momentum to carry me the whole 6km without stopping for longer than a drink or to let the dog pee. I am thankful I didn't lose too much aerobic base.

To recap from my last post, I was out of commission with what turned out to be a sinus infection that just wouldn't let up. After 3 weeks, I relented and waited in the emergency department for 4.5 hours, only to be told to give it another few days and my body should take care of it itself. Another week later, I still had the infection, and was gearing up to spend another day off waiting to see a doctor in emerg, and then finally the next morning I was feeling better! Yay! I gave it another 2 days before attempting a run.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only gal (or guy) out there that worries about taking too much time off from running due to injury, illness or otherwise. Unplanned sidelines in training suck the big one. Especially when you have racing plans that get either modified (racing shorter distances) or cancelled altogether. In my case, I had to completely skip one race in August, and my planned race in October of 22km is currently hanging by a thread. I was even toying with the idea of running  trail marathon in Spetmber, provided I could really ramp up my training in late July and August. Alas it was not meant to be. I'll make it part of next year's plans. I was up to 14km in Early July, and now it remains to be seen in the next 2-3 weeks where I'm at for mileage now. Its been 5 years since I've had this much time off of any exercising.

Anyway, I'm very happy to be back at it! And so are the dogs. They've been getting walks, but that is no substitution for what running gives them. They are bored. They are rambunctious. They are whiny. And this is what I came home to today:

What? We didn't do it!
This is the second attempt at the destruction of this particular doggie bed. It was in our bedroom until last week when the first assault was made on it. We are 99.9% sure it is Mia's handiwork. Mainly because Romeo hasn't ripped anything apart since he was about 8 months old, and he cherishes his beds. This was Mia's bed. Mia has also destroyed two floor mats in our front hall while we were at work in the past two weeks. We can take a hint. She desperately needs more exercise!

So this evening once it cools down, all three of us are going for a run. Mia's spiffy new Canicross harness came in while I was sick and I can't wait to try it out. Its an awesome neon pink colour that just screams girly! Look for a review of the Canadog Canicross Harnesses in a future blog post!

Has your training been unexpectedly sidelined? What were the consequences?
Have your dog's destroyed something because of lack of exercise?
What did you do about it?
We did nothing other than take the photo and clean up the mess. It's not her fault, she wasn't being bad, she was just expressing her anxiety over the change in routine and excess energy from boredom. Hopefully she will be a happy puppy tomorrow while we are at work!


  1. Must be something in the air! I've been struggling with a mysterious calf injury. I've had to take 2.5 weeks off and I've missed 2 races because of it. I've gotten back on the road, slowly but surely. I'm supposed to run the NYC marathon in November (4th) and my longest run so far has only been 19km. I have about 9 weeks to build and taper. Fun!

    1. 9 weeks should be doable as long as you stay injury free! I saw you're having massage this week, that's the best thing to treat it, although I might be a bit biased since its what I do for a living!


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