Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy crap, where did the time go?

I had a long blog post almost ready to publish, then all of a sudden 2 weeks has passed. Yikes! I feel like such a neglectful blogger!

What I've been up to these past two weeks:

  • I ran the weekend after my last post. An easy 5km on Friday, a 11km long run Saturday, then Sunday I went to the gym and did a CrossFit workout and an easy 2 miles to cooldown on the treadmill. Sadly, those were the last workouts I did, which leads me to the next thing on my what have I been doing list:
  • I caught a nasty summer cold. Stuffy head, wicked sore throat, body aches.... the whole deal. Jervis had it the week before me. Isn't he a nice husband for sharing? 
  • We flew to Toronto, then on to Trenton for a wedding. One of Jervis' best friends finally tied the knot and he was a groom's man. Then Jervis got sick again. I think I gave it back to him. Only his developed into strep throat this time. Not fun.
  • We flew home. I got sick again (aren't we great sharers?) and am still sick. More of the same, minus the sore throat. Actually, I'm not really sure I got over it the first time, maybe I just felt good for a couple of days just in time for the wedding.

Here we are looking spiffy at the wedding! 
And that's it! See how I could have difficulty blogging about my lack of activity for the past 2.5 weeks? The last thing I wanted to do was blog about my sickness and how crappy I was feeling. Or whine about not feeling like running at all. Despite that I'm doing those very things right now. At least you're only getting it in one post. :)

I did learn a few things these past couple of weeks:

  • The healthcare system in Northern Ontario truly sucks. Big time. I honestly can't wait until we live in a locale that you can see a doctor within a few hours. I'm not going to rant about it, you can read about it easily enough if you Google wait times for getting a regular doctor, seeing any doctor, or God forbid have a medical emergency in the North.
  • Toronto is a much more awesome city that I originally thought. I've always been a bit intimidated by its size, potential for crime, general busy-ness, long commutes, etc. I am now seeing that the benefits of living in a large metropolitan area far outweigh those concerns. Maybe not living right in downtown Toronto, but definitely within a reasonable commute wouldn't be such a bad thing. There are hidden beautiful things to Toronto I'm only just discovering, and Jervis introduces me to more every time we visit there.
  • If you've had your tonsils removed, it is highly unlikely you will ever get strep throat. Thank you to mom and dad for having them removed when I was 3 years old!
  • I can be cranky when I don't workout for long periods of time. This really isn't anything new, I just notice it when ever I'm away from running or working out involuntarily.

Hopefully this will be the end of my whining. I'm at the tail end of this cold, hopeful I can run a short one tomorrow morning, and get back to regular business. I still have a long post waiting in the wings to be polished off and published too, the story of my workout life thus far and how I got here, so stick around for more!

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