Friday, September 7, 2012

Late Summer Run

One of the last summer runs for the year in Northern Ontario! My favourite running season is fall, cool enough in the later afternoon I can run with the dogs everyday. The temperature had still been in the mid to late 20s until the evenings until earlier this week, so running with them had to take place in the morning or late evenings.

These pictures were from a run a couple weekends ago. It was a great run, we discovered a new short trail that loops through a bush area close to our house. I saw a big quad followed by a baby quad go into the bush as we were heading up the hill, so I followed them. We ran into them on their way out and the poor man on the big quad saw Romeo through the trees first and thought he was a wolf!

Dodging trees on a new trail.
More trail obstacles!
Single file up the hill.
You coming in too mom?

It was almost too warm for the dogs, we stopped twice at two different spots on the lake for a dip. Well, the dogs dipped, not me.

Now that its cooler, I can run after work and take them with me. :)

One of these days I'll run with someone else who can take pictures so you get more than just my dogs' butts to look at!


  1. Aw, they look like they're in doggie heaven! My lab lives for our runs together. She's lucky in that I can let her off lead for much of the run. After 2 miles, she's ready to be done, so she gets dropped off while I continue on. Dogs rock :)

  2. i wish my pug could run with me but he starts to physically overexert after about half a mile.


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