Friday, October 12, 2012

My Secret

Whatever you want to call it, I'm admitting to it.

The time is now ripe to come clean. There are people that know already, the information has trickled out over the past few weeks. To some of my readers it will not come as a surprise.

So have I teased you enough? Are you sure you want to know my big secret?

We are having a baby! And no, it isn't the dogs, we are responsible pet owners, both Mia and Romeo have been spayed/neutered. Next March, there will be a brand new human Baby B born into our home!

I've waited to reveal this information until we are well into the second trimester. The first 14 weeks were challenging for me (all-day morning sickness, heartburn, tired all the time, and other joyous pregnancy symptoms I've come to learn about) and for my husband (putting up with the complaints about all those issues as well as moodiness and some anxious moments - and I'm only admitting this once :) ). I made it to the gym once or twice and ran 3-4 times during the third month. I am now into my 17th week (I think.... give or take a few days) and feeling much better. All our midwife appointments have gone very well and we have a baby with a very strong heartbeat! In another 10 days we go in for a detailed mid-pregnancy ultrasound. And yes, if we can find out what we are having, we will!

One thing I've learned is no matter how much you think you are ready for pregnancy, you really aren't. At least I 'thought' I was prepared to experience all the 1st trimester symptoms... What's a little bit of nausea when you've willingly put yourself through grueling CrossFit competitions, on the verge of throwing up because you're pushing yourself to the limit? I've had exercise induced heartburn from throwing myself on the ground so hard and fast doing burpees during the CrossFit Open that I've had acid burn in my throat for hours afterwards, only to return the next day and repeat the WOD to get a faster time! It's crazy what the human body can do to itself.

So more on the pregnancy in the coming weeks! I've been very sporadic in running lately, and I'm afraid running with the dogs has slowed down immensely, much to Romeo's dismay. I've resorted to running with him wearing a Halti head-collar because runs too fast for my pregnant body to keep up! Mia is more-prego speed or at least she can't tow me along that easily. They are taking turns, one day Romeo goes then the next time its Mia's turn.

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