Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and a Challenge for Tomorrow!

Happy New Year to everyone!

It's a long time between posts, but I came across this challenge today on Facebook and its very appropriate and had to mention it here!

My favourite Canicross supplier, Canadog, posted this link to her Facebook page this morning. It's unfortunate there's only one day to spread the word, but I'm doing my duty as a dog sport lover to promote!

Dogs Across America Challenge!

Self explanatory when you visit their page, but the idea is to accumulate as many dog powered miles as possible on New Years Day 2013. They are tracking the miles on Endomondo, just head on over to their team page and log any miles you accumulate! I also created a Run with Dogs Blog Team for this blog, so jump in add your miles to my team!

If you send me a photo of you and your dog(s) out there doing your dog powered sport from tomorrow's challenge, I'll include it in a post later this week. So get out there and hike, walk, skijor, Canicross, sled, etc. with you dog tomorrow!

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  1. It's Shelley from CanaDog - Wish I'd seen this earlier - I would have tweeted it or followed up on our FB page! Thanks for all the mentions :o) Hope your new year is going well!


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