Sunday, January 6, 2013

Revitalize and Reset

Did everyone have a good holiday? I know we did! Ours started December 2nd and continued until this past week. At least it sure feels that way!

Ours included:

  • A trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with my dad and step-mom
  • Visiting briefly with family on the way there and back
  • A brief week back to work for me (hubby had almost the whole month off, lucky him!)
  • Christmas week
  • New Years week
  • And lots and lots of food. 
I'm not kidding about the food. If you've ever been to an all inclusive resort, you know what I mean. Two huge hot buffet credenzas, two huge cold buffet tables, a beverage station with amazing fruit juices, and last but certainly not least the dessert bar, complete with homemade ice cream. At each meal.  Sometimes they'd throw in a couple of extra buffet tables for the day's food theme. Then we got home, had take-out chinese food (which lasts all week for meals with us), Christmas dinner and goodies, more take-out from Boston Pizza, and some other things we don't normally eat, but enjoy from time to time. It was our month to kick back and enjoy family, the holidays, food, time off work, and our last child-free holiday. I'm certainly not complaining, it was great while it lasted!

But I'm ready for reality. Ready to clean the starches, sugars, and other body, energy, and mood clogging foods from my regular diet. To do this, I'm embarking on a Whole30 for January! As Jervis said about a family member who declared her fitness intentions on Facebook this morning, publicly declaration of your goals makes you more accountable. This is very true for me. I have been planning in my head and looking forward to this food reset since even before going on our vacation. It is also a significant preparation for me to get ready for the arrival of our son in March. I want my previous healthy eating habits re-established so we can continue to maintain good eating well into the future as a family.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a knot about 'dieting' while I'm pregnant, that's NOT what I'm doing! I was a healthy weight pre-pregnancy and I've gained a healthy, normal amount so far during the last 29 weeks of baby building. There will be no significant change in calories consumed, just where the calories come from. Read the FAQ section of the Whole30 Program and you'll see its a great idea to eat healthy, wholesome foods while pregnant. Duh. It seems an obvious choice to me. Besides, this isn't new to me, prior to the last month of indulgence, I avoided sugar for the most part, and prior to the morning sickness, I didn't eat grains. I'm resetting my eating habits back to their previous state. And it turns out Melissa Hartwig, creator of the Whole9 blog and Whole30 Program is also pregnant, due in April!

So off to the grocery store this morning to finish up getting the foods for this week!

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