Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby Party, CrossFit Style!

This Saturday our local gym, CrossFit Core KTown threw us a baby party in honour of our Peanut's arrival and my getting back into workout mode!

Guest of Honour  who slept though the whole thing! (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Coach Dave and Coach Raquel came up with this WOD for my post baby workout debut:


AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
5 Burpees
5 Pull-ups
10 Box jumps
10 Push ups
15 Squats
15 Sit-ups

It was so great to have so many people there doing the workout with me. It's strange which parts of the WOD were harder than I though they would be. I tried one real box jump, nearly fell onto my face so I did the rest of them as step-ups. My mind may think I'm back to normal, but it was obvious my body is still having post-prego balance issues. The burpees were easier than I thought they would be and the sit-ups were crazy hard! I guess that's to be expected, given my abs were stretched out for months. :)

Thankfully no one took any photos of me in the middle of the WOD, but here's one of Jervis and I after the workout:
Me with bad a post WOD hairdo and Jervis being funny. Notice the appropriate
photo-bombing of the balloons in the background. Haha! (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Then we all pigged out on some tasty mostly paleo potluck food! I brought my favourite Mango Chicken Salad. Yum. Someone (I think it was the girl with the colourful Under Armor socks, Shannon) brought an awesome curry that was gone within minutes. I need that recipe! There were so many great dishes!

The Paleo-ish spread (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Me with my mouth full and Coach Raquel getting
baby snuggles. (photo taken by Janet Findlay)
Coach Dave finally getting to eat!
(photo taken  by Janet Findlay)

It was so awesome to have the support of yet another CrossFit family with my plunge back into CrossFit training. I'm so excited to get back at it!

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