Saturday, August 24, 2013

What a Baby Does to your Priorities

Its been quiet around here lately. My husband keeps me updated on the non-updates on my blog, saying he's going to drop it from his list of reading since there's no activity. Haha. Funny. Time for an update, I guess.

I've been running. Not a lot, but some. A baby takes A LOT of time. And then there's the guilt factor. I had all these lofty ideas of being as fit as I was before pregnancy within 6 months of having our little Peanut (A.K.A. Linus), but it just hasn't happened. Being a mom is far more important than it was before he came around. So here I am with him being almost 5 months now and I'm running 2-3 times a week at most, not hitting the gym at all, and being sorta OK with it. The reality is I'm not as happy with my body as I'd like to be, but I'm not sacrificing time spent with our Peanut, for the sake of getting my last few pounds off from the pregnancy. Before our little man came along, I was determined that I would wear this particular dress that I wore to a wedding last year to one we attended this year. Well I did wear it, although it didn't look as sleek as it did last year. It will come though, its just going to take longer than I wanted to get there. There will be lots of time later to spend at the gym (when my poor wrists heal from picking up our increasingly chunky little man!). I'm running enough to stay healthy, eating well, and enjoying our time as a family, especially while J. is still on paternal leave.

One thing I'm super stoked about is running with the little man in his stroller. Our Peanut's generous grandmother provided him with the Cadillac of running strollers: the B.O.B. Revolution SE. Sounds like a car model doesn't it? It's awesome. I'm only walking with him for now and it feels like I'm under utilizing all the bells and whistles on this thing. Shocks, big beefy tires, lots of leg room for my legs when running. Oh and he's comfy too. Our little man's about a month away from being strong enough to go out with me on runs. I'll have to re-vamp running with the dogs, possibly leaving them behind a few times and then maybe only one at a time. I have terrifying visions of having both dogs tangled around me while I'm running with the stroller!

Today's run was 5-6 km, stopping at the lake for the dogs to have a drink/swim. We ran into a couple of guys waiting for their boating buddy to show up. Romeo surprised me by actually playing fetch with the younger guy. That's not his M.O., he's usually an aloof guy, avoiding strangers for the most part. Not today. He was totally engaged with his game of fetch with a big ole stick in the lake. Good for him, getting over his 'stranger danger' attitude for a bit!

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