Friday, July 1, 2016


3 years! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. So many changes, so many things going on! Yes, I’ve been running throughout these past three years. On and off, here and there, some months more than others. With the same two dogs, sometimes with a stroller (although the 35 lb kid plus the 25 lb stroller makes it a bigger workout than it use to!), sometimes with all three (two dogs and our little man in the stroller!), and on rare occasions, even by myself!
Since I last blogged, we have moved back to my hometown. Through a fortuitous chain of events in the summer of 2013, my husband applied for, competed, and won the competition for the next advancement in his career. We were overjoyed and jumped at the opportunity to move here. Back to familiar trails and my old favourite running spots!
Mia and Romeo, a bit older and still at it!
I’ll use this opportunity to reacquaint with my blog, posting updates to get myself up to speed on where I am today. There’s so much that has happened and so many changes! For now, here’s a photo of my puppies on a run last month.

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